Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Advantage of a Small Physical Therapy Practice

by Sally Fansler, PT
Imagine you're in pain and are looking for relief through physical therapy. You've heard the big names tossed around, but you're concerned: will they give you the attention you need to recover? Will they know who you are each time you walk in the door?

Small physical therapy clinics often have a distinct advantage over their corporate counterparts. While large entities can build brand recognition by consolidating service and decreasing cost, smaller practices aim to set themselves apart with attention to detail, ultimately allowing for more effective care for their patients. 

A smaller private practice boasts an intimate atmosphere that often feels more comfortable and less generic, allowing the patient and the therapist to focus on treatment and goals without unnecessary distractions. As a result, the therapist and the patient are able to form a solid connection that easily translates to enhanced delivery of care. Through one-on-one treatments with ample time, the physical therapist becomes firmly invested in the patient's treatment, tailoring it to his or her needs and adapting as progress is made. 

Without a complex administrative hierarchy, the staff at a small physical therapy clinic is also able to make every patient feel like a priority. The theme song from Cheers, “Where Everybody Know Your Name," comes to mind and is the perfect analogy for a small, comfortable spot for physical therapy treatment. 

With an unyielding commitment to care and a desirable atmosphere, the benefits are clear. A small practice with a warm environment excels in the areas that count.