Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"Do Simple Better"

by Sally Fansler, PT
In the few short years he has been in our city, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon has become a beloved figure.  His earthy, straightforward slogans, often referred to as “Maddonisms,” delight everyone from the most hardcore sports fans to the most casual observers. “Do simple better” is a particular favorite: in short, making the routine play, staying focused on the basics, and getting the job done. It’s meant to keep the players from overcomplicating their jobs, and Maddon regularly wears a t-shirt that bears this quote. 

We apply this at Lakeshore Physical Therapy by making every interaction with our patients easier and more streamlined. In the complicated flow chart of the healthcare arena, we know how refreshing it is to have an experience that is simple: allowing the patient to talk to a human being whenever possible, smiling throughout the day, and thanking our co-workers. We focus on the fundamentals of solid patient care and goal setting, making each customer service experience stand out.

Joe Maddon expresses succinct words of encouragement and a unique philosophy.  “Do simple better” can be a great lesson for a sports team and all business professionals, inspiring good ol’ fashioned hard work.