Friday, December 11, 2020

A Thank You to the Patients at Lakeshore Physical Therapy

by Julia Glick, PT
As we usher in December and begin to reflect on this unusual and tumultuous year, it is important to identify the facets of our lives that give us meaning. For me, the ability to continue our work as physical therapists has been the fundamental through-line of 2020. During a time with many unknowns we have been able to come to work every day and do what we know how to do best: help patients. The patients at Lakeshore Physical Therapy allow us this privilege, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Even when we are not living in a pandemic, I love my job. I get to have uplifting interactions with people daily and see them improve, progress, and transform! I still get excited each time a post-operative patient starts to walk without a limp, or to see the delight in a patient's eyes as they announce that they could go down the stairs without pain for the first time. Of course the body is full of surprises and not every patient visit is one of drastic improvement, but I am able to end each day having made a positive impact on someone’s life or having been inspired by the wonderful patients at Lakeshore Physical Therapy. 

Not only do I get to apply my passion for anatomy and biomechanics and further my understanding of the uniqueness of each body, I get to learn about our patients as they allow us to become a part of their lives, some over many years. We celebrate important milestones together - engagements, new houses, births of children and grandchildren, and most recently, the adoption of many puppies. The mutual trust and genuine regard we share with our patients extends into our lives as well: as I planned and celebrated my own wedding this year, many of our patients were eager to hear updates, and it was lovely to be able to share photos and stories with them.


While this year has been difficult and isolating at times, the patients who have allowed me to participate in their care have given me joy and purpose. And as we turn to brave the uncharted year ahead, I am happy as I look forward to the continued opportunity to partner with our patients for a healthy new year. 


Thank you to everyone who lets us do what we love – especially all of our patients!